River water treatment System with “BIO LACE”

Flat type:

Vertical type (Amamo type)

Case-1)Jingzhe Dam in China

Jingzhe Dam in China

Innovative purification process

The water channel leading to the reservoir area is set up to purify, and the biological contact oxidation process and micro-nano aeration process are all applied for the first time in domestic reservoirs.

floating island

The floating “lawn” on the water surface in the reservoir area is a belt of emergent plants for beneficial microorganisms to “live”, reducing the probability of occurrence of blue-green algae and green weeds. Protect against wind and wave, provide habitat for aquatic animals

revetment ecosystem

The submerged plant belt on the bank of the reservoir has the ability to absorb and degrade. The ecological gabion can enrich the organisms with water purification function, promote the ecological diversity of the reservoir area, and build the ecological circle in the reservoir area.

Gravity Energy Saving Facilities

Gravitational flow will be adopted to conduct water to the reservoir, and a combination of solar and wind energy will be adopted for road lighting in the reservoir area, reducing the energy consumption of reservoir operation.

Cast-2) Zhejiang FengHuang lake in China

the water area is about 600,000 square meters

Case-3)Shishili River in China

River Water Purification in Indonesia

Project Site (Pluit, Jakarta)

Aeration type:

Case-1)Furuayase River in Japan

Case-2)Yaba River in Japan

Case-3)Kotsu River in Japan

Case-4)Gombak river in Malaysia

Case-5)JICA Project in Indonesia

As a result of efforts not only to purify the waste water but also to improve the scenery, it has become a place where people gather