Municipal Wastewater—Upgrading and Transformation of Comprehensive Sewage Treatment in Nanke Park

Nanke Electronics Park covers an area of 1043 hectares, and there are hundreds of industrial enterprises in the park. There is a sewage treatment plant in the science park, which treats 60,000 m3 of sewage every day. The process of the sewage plant is a delayed aeration process, the main degradation pollutants are COD, BOD, AN, etc., and the effluent reaches the first-class A standard.

Municipal waste water—renovation of a sewage plant in an industrial zone in Changshu

An industrial park in Changshu is mainly engaged in printing and dyeing and textile enterprises. The printing and dyeing wastewater has the characteristics of high COD, high chroma, and many fibrous impurities. The B/C of the sewage treatment plant in the park is lower than 0.3. BIO LACE is used for hydrolysis The acidification process section improves the biodegradability of sewage, removes refractory organic matter, reduces the load for subsequent biochemical treatment, and the treated sewage reaches the first level of discharge.