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Industrial Wastewater — Hangjin Technology High Salt Chemical Wastewater Treatment Project

Located in Liaoning Province, Hangjin Technology is an established chemical company, mainly producing basic chemical products such as polyether, caustic soda, and propylene oxide. The wastewater treatment capacity of the enterprise sewage station is 36,000 tons/day, and the concentration of chloride ions in the wastewater reaches 20,000mg/L. In the biochemical process section, biological ropes are used to attach salt-tolerant bacteria to increase the sludge concentration, and finally meet the discharge standard.

Industrial wastewater—Nantong chemical factory remodeling process

A chemical factory in Nantong mainly produces chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. Its sewage station has a poor effect on ammonia nitrogen removal. In order to improve the nitrification and denitrification reactions, our company has carried out an overall transformation of the secondary A/O pool, replaced the aeration, and added BIO LACE.